Henk Pander



BORN 1937 - Haarlem, The Netherlands
EDUCATED 1956-61 - Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam

2011 (sched) Hallie Ford Museum, Retrospective, Salem, OR
2009 (sched) University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
2009 (sched) Missouri State University, Springfield, MO
2008 Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR, New Paintings
2008 Rietlanden Exposities, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008 Rietlanden Exposities, Utrecht Art Fair, The Netherlands
2008 Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR, Recent Watercolors
2007 Museum Henriette Polk, Zutphen, Netherlands, “American Landscapes”
2006 Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR, Recent Watercolors
2005 Rock Creek Gallery, Portland Com. College, Paintings
2005 Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR, Recent Paintings
2004 Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA, “Spectacular Requiem”
2004 Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR, “Homeland,” Drawings
2003 Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR, Recent Plein Air Watercolors
2003 Davidson Galleries, Recent Plein Air Watercolors, Seattle, WA
2003 PEAR, Portland, OR, Recent Drawings
2002 Maryhill Museum, Goldendale, WA, “Still Lifes & Memories”
2001 Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, “The Weck of the New Carissa”
2001 Alysia Duckler Gallery, Portland, OR, Current & Early Works
2000 Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA, “The Wreck of the New Carissa”
1999 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, Drawings
1998 Cannon Beach Art Association, Cannon Beach, OR, Paintings
1998 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, recent Watercolors
1997 Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA “Before the Encounter, After the Rain”
1997 Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA, Recent Paintings
1996 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, Recent Paintings
1995 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, Watercolors
1995 Heathman Hotel, Portland, OR (Major Commissioned Works - Studies)
1994 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, Recent Paintings
1994 Index Gallery, Clark College, Vancouver WA (Theater Designs)
1994 Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA, Survey of Drawings
1993 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, Recent Watercolors
1992 Oregon School of Arts & Crafts, Portland, OR, (Theater Designs)
1992 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, Paintings
1991 Lane Community College, Eugene, OR, Recent Paintings
1990 & 88 Pulliam Nugent Gallery, Portland, OR, Drawings
1989 Quartersaw Gallery, Portland, OR, Paintings
1988 Bush Barn Gallery, Salem, OR, Paintings
1986 Oregon State Univ., Corvallis, OR, Paintings
1984 Portland State Univ., Dept of Art & Architecture, Portland, OR, Drawings
1984-85 Fountain Gallery, Portland, OR, Paintings
1983 Univ. Of Oregon, Museum of Art, Eugene, OR, Retrospective
1982 Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland, OR, Astronomy Watercolors
1982 Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, Drawings
1980 Governor’s Ceremonial Offices, Salem, OR, Watercolors
1978 Bayard Gallery, New York, NY, Drawings
1977 Pacific Luthern Univ., Tacoma, WA, Drawings & Watercolors
1977 Ann Hughes Gallery, Portland, OR, Drawings
1970 Phoenix Gallery, Berkeley, CA, Drawings
1969 & 67 White Gallery, Portland State Univ., Portland, OR, Paintings
1966 Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, Drawings
1964-67 Galerie Ina Broerse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Drawings
1960 Leeuwarden Cultural Center, Friesland, The Netherlands, Paintings & Watercolors

2008 Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, Photograph, New Acquisitions
2008 Davidson Contemporary, Seattle, WA, Landscapes
2008 Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR, Gallery Artists
2007 Portland Art Museum, Drawings from Collection, “The Drawn Line”
2007 Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR, “Road Show”
2005 Marylhurst Univ., The Art Gym, “Drawing(s)”
2003 PICA, Portland, OR, “Unforseen”
2003 Core Sample, Portland, OR, “Draw”
2003 Vakbondsmuseum, Amsterdam, “Voor het Oog van de Kunstenaar
2003 Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR, “Correspondence”
2003 Marylhurst Univ., Portland, OR, “Painting Portland”
2002 Portland Art Museum, “By Hand”
2001 Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, WA, “Strong Art/Social Art”
1999 Jenkins-Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “American Still Lifes”
1999 Maryhill Museum, WA, “Beauty In The Beast”
1998 Visual Chronicle Exhibition @ Central Library, Portland, OR
1997 Pander x 11, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
1997 & 74 Wentz Gallery, Portland Museum Art School, Portland, OR
1996 Art Initiatives, New york, “Paint Fiction”
1995 & 96 Chicago Art Fair, Chicago, IL
1992/93/94/95 Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, WA
1994 Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, WA, “Dutch Contribution”
1992-93 Seattle Art Museum (Documents Northwest, The PONCHO Series
1993 Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA, “About Face”
1993 Univ. Of Oregon Museum of Art, Eugene, OR, Works in Collection
1993 Maryhill Museum, Washington, “West to the Oregon Territory”
1992 Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, OR, Artists in Collection
1990 Oregon Historical Society, Portland, OR, Contributing Artists
1990 Pulliam Nugent, Portland, OR, AIDS Benefit
1989 Quatersaw Gallery, Portland, OR
1989 Maryhill Museum, Washington, Columbia River Show
1986 New England School of Art & Design, Boston, MA, Space Art & Astronomy
1986 Fountain Gallery, Portland, OR (Closing Show)
1982 Nexus, Atlanta, GA, National Juried Space Exhibit
1982 Meany Hall, Seattle, WA, Dutch/American Bicentennial
1981 Portland Center for the Visual Parts, Portland, OR, Four Portland Artists
1981/72/69/67 Portland Art Museum, Potland, OR
1975 & 73 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Hollandse Aquarellisten Kring
1972 Univ. Of Nevada, School of Arts & Lectures, Las Vegas, NV, Drawings
1971 Boise Art Gallery (Invitational), Boise, ID
1970 Drawing Society National Exhibition, New York, NY
1969 Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA, Northwest Annual
1969 Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, Artists of Oregon - Prize
1968 Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles, CA, Watercolors
1960-68 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Municipal Purchase
1967 Bussem Cultural Cntr, the Netherlands, Group Diagonaal
1965 Zonnehof Center, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, Group Diagonnal
1965 Museum Hengelo, the Netherlands, Group Diagonaal
1964 Dutch Nat’l. Railway Exhibition, Rijksacademie, Amsterdam
1964 Therese van Duyl Schwarz Portrait Competition, Rijksacademie, Amsterdam (prize)
1963 Galerie Pictura, Groningen, the Netherlands (Amsterdam Artists)
1963 Frisiana Exhibition, Nat’l. Competition, Friesland, The Netherlands (prize)
1962 Centraal Museum, Utrecht, The Nethelands
1961 Talens Nat’l. Competition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (prize)
1961 Prix de Rome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (prize/nat’l competition)
1961-63 Annual Invitational Touring Shows of Young Dutch Artists



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